The days of simple data tracking are over. Companies now use customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to keep on top of all their customer success. A CRM solution is a database that stores all the information about individual contacts and their history with the company. With a CRM solution, you can filter down to specific customer data and improve your marketing + sales processes.

CRM can help you better understand your customers by allowing for data storage on every customer interaction.

Introduction to CRM

CRM can help you better understand your
customers by allowing for data storage on every customer interaction. This information is then used to create targeted messages for a specific audience and to measure the success of your campaign. CRM also helps enterprises to capture customer information, potential business opportunities, collaboration
to convert leads to deal. This helps sales and marketing teams in making their respective organisations more efficient and effective. The solution being modular and open to integration, CRM can effectively integrate with applications to provide seamless user experience and business efficiency for the user. This also allows a company to manage its customer relationship in an
integrated manner.

A good CRM will let you keep track of different customers, how often they buy things from your company and what type of products/services they like.

Important Elements of CRM are : Customer Profile, Customer Lists, Marketing Campaigns, Capture potential opportunities, proposal/RFP response collaboration

Reasons You Need a CRM Solution

The best way to track your customer relationships is by using a CRM solution. It will have all the information you need at your fingertips and you can input it in real time. It’s an important
tool for sales professionals and marketers. A CRM solution will allow you to keep tabs on your customer profile, customer lists, marketing campaigns, capture potential opportunities, and collaborate on proposal/RFP responses. The best part is that it can be tailored to your company’s needs.

Often in small enterprises business development becomes an exercise with tasks happening in silos. We provide end-to-end customer relationship management. It starts with contact information
collection, followed with campaigns, lead tracking, RFP Response/proposal submission tracking and customer support desk.

If any enterprises use different tools for each of these activities, they end up paying a lot of charges and still lack of integration can lead to slow business growth. But if you are going to use Team Traq as a platform then all of these problems will be resolved. Every service can be used through a single console and it will automatically integrate with the other services.


You can try Team Traq CRM tool. We enable all features in the trial period, no conditions applied, credit card not required. It will make your team much more efficient with other tools like instant messaging, issue/customer support ticket tracking, customer support desk, time tracking and invoicing. 


Standard benefits:

  1. Reduce time wasted on contact curation, proposal collaboration and tracking.
  2. Get to market faster with the right features.

Emotional benefits:

  1. Make your work more efficient and less stressful.


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